So we know how important human interaction is to us, we literally need it. No lonely person is a happy person, so dealing with other humans is a must for us all and is actually a skill in itself.

A massive benefit in modern day society is being socially capable. Being able to talk to people , have them like you, being able to influence them and have people want to be around you has so many benefits. First of all you will avoid loneliness, you’ll be easily able to influence people to do things that you want them to do and of course people will be more willing to do business with you or employ you in higher positions. Are all the CEO’s in the world the best people for the job? I seriously doubt it, they are actually the most liked people in the business. It is literally possible to socialize your way into many advantageous positions, both in a corporate and personal environment.

So I am going to outline social tips and skills to let you improve your social life.

1. Do not argue with anyone

The reasons why, there is absolutely nothing you can gain from this. Even if you are correct and are able to prove the other person incorrect, what have you gained? does this person like you anymore then they already did? no is the answer. All you have done is hurt their pride and basically told them they are stupid. So as a rule of thumb I never enter an argument in a social situation because it is nearly never to your advantage to disprove this person.