Confidence is a crucial part of achieving what you want. A huge block which stands in between you and what you want is fear, fear of trying, fear or stepping outside your comfort zone, fear of people judging you, fear of attention and fear of failure are just a few to mention.

So a massive way of combating fear is using your confidence, if you don’t have any real confidence then fake it until you make it. With confidence the barrier of fear falls away and leaves you a much clearer path to follow on the way to your goal.

I know what your thinking, its not that easy, you don’t just act confident and you magically become confident. Well actually if you fake it enough and you keep repeating to yourself that you’re confident, well then eventually it will sink into your sub conscious mind(the same part of of your brain that makes your heart beat 10,000 times a day without thinking) and then you will believe it. That is all confidence is, a belief in ones self, and that is all learning is, repetition.

So there you have it, be confidence, act confident, repeatedly tell yourself you have nothing to fear and your life will be instantly better. Fear is natural but it is not useful, it holds you back and serves no purpose.

When you are liberated from fear then you will see the world in a new light, a much truer and you will see that actually you can achieve anything you want and the reason many people don’t attempt to achieve anything extraordinary is due to the fear’s listed above. Anyone who says you can’t do something, its not possible or that you are being unrealistic are actually just negative people who have let fear control there lives. Dream of what you want and then take aim at those dreams without fear, anyone who has achieved anything has dreamed of that success. Negative people discourage dreaming, fearful people discourage dreaming, cut them from your life and aim for your dreams. Even if you never achieve them you will live a much more fulfilled life building towards something worthwhile.

You will never be better than your wildest dreams” – Napolean Hill

The importance of repetition until automatically cannot be overstated. Repetition is the key to learning” – John Wooden