Belief is so important to achieving your goals and over coming adversity. If you have any doubt about your ability to succeed in your field then this is a massive internal block and this is basically a receipt for failure because your internal blueprint is hardwired against you.

Your internal blueprint is important to achieving your goals because this internal vision is what is will become a reality. So if your blueprint contains some missing links caused by self doubt then you can never really achieve your goal because you will eventually be a victim self sabotage.

Common limiting beliefs are “I’m not good enough”, “things like that don’t happen to me”, “that’s only for rich people” or “In reality it will never happen” all these thoughts will put a permanent stamp of disbelief on your vision and this basically means you’re doomed from the beginning. This is further proof that your thoughts become reality.

So now that we understand the negative effects of limiting beliefs lets take a glance at the positive impacts of belief when it comes to achieving your goals. True belief in your ability to achieve your goal is a crucial ingredient in the receipt of success. Belief alone wont bring you to where you want to be but a lack of it will certainly stop you. When a person truly believes something then they will better cope with set backs and adversity, that inner belief that it will happen develops into a pro active attitude. All successful people view failure as a learning experience and almost don’t see it as a negative thing but just a necessary part of the journey. This attitude is summed up in John Kavanagh’s book title “win or learn”.

A great example of someone using a strong belief on there way to achieving their ultimate goal is UFC’s Conor Mcgregor. You can find a video of Conor before his rise to fame claiming he knows he will be world champion, he first outlines his dream of becoming “world champion and to have more money than he knows what to do with”  he then goes on to say he knows its going to happen, ” I will be where I want to be, I’m 100% confident”.


This is a great example of someone with a strong unbreakable belief when there was no physical evidence of his vision materialising, but this is where every dream starts, in a place of no evidence and this is where it is hardest to have belief, but it is where you MUST have it. As we all know Conor did go to achieve what he outlined in the video above and will always be a great example of the correct mindset of success. “I will be world champion”, it may have seemed these words were coming from a delusional boy and people may have laughed, but who is laughing now?


Belief is a very healthy thing to have in your life. To read more about health visit our page on health. Starting today have a belief in everything you attempt to do, if you start off with a lack of belief then you have already failed.